How To Use Wood Chips In An Electric Smoker

Electric smokers are the new technology and a modernized way to carry out your smoking. They cost much more than traditional smokers but are also more effective. They use electricity to heat your food, and you don’t even have to raise a finger. If you’ve ever used your electric smoker and felt like something’s missing, then you’re not alone. When using an electric smoker, many people are unaware that you can still use wood chips to create that smoky flavor in your smoked foods. With wood chips in your electric smokers, you will be able to bring the best out of your meats and fishes without the stress of an electric smoker.

However, using wood chips in an electric smoker is a new concept to many people. If you’re wondering how you can effectively use wood chips in an electric smoker to add that smoky flavor to your food, keep reading. There are different methods you can explore to use wood chips in an electric smoker. We’ll be exploring the top three ways; let’s dive right in.

Here’s how to use wood chips in an electric smoker.

1. Using A Wood Chip Tray

If your electric smoker comes with a wood chip tray, you’re lucky. If it doesn’t, you might need to purchase a new one. To use this method, you must first prepare your electric smoker to ensure that it is clean and quite ready to use. Turn it on using the ignition and allow it to heat up for a half-hour or forty-five minutes. You can even use a temperature probe to find out the internal temperature of your smoker to be able to regulate it appropriately. Full up the water tray so your food remains moist, and you can even add spices and herbs so that the taste and moisture are increased. After doing this, pull out the wood chip tray and add some dry wood chips to the bottom. The amount depends on your preference and how many hours you will cook. You might have to keep adding as the cooking progresses, though. Place your food on the cooking rack once it starts smoking and watch the smoke output by periodically opening and closing the vents.

2. Using A Foil Pouch

If you don’t have a wood chip tray, the foil pouch method might be a better option for you. You will need to prepare your grill by turning the heat up. Fill up the water pan so that your food remains moisturized while it smokes. Tear out an aluminum foil, lay it on the counter, and trim the foil down to your preferred size. Place a handful of wood chips in the foil’s center and fold the foil to crimp the edges. This will ensure the wood chips remain inside the foil while smoking. Turn it around and poke holes on the top so that smoke can make its way out. You can create as many foil pouches as you want. Place it directly above the heating element to heat the pouch, and smoke will come out slowly.

3. Using A Smoker Box

One more method you can try out is the smoker box method; you might have to purchase a smoker box. However, there is also the option of making one yourself. A smoker box is a stainless steel box or cast iron box that holds wood chunks. Alternatively, you can use a tin can. The first thing you will have to do is start your electric smoker and wait till it reaches your preferred temperature. If you choose a tin can, punch a few holes in the tin can, ensure the holes are connected so that you use it while cooking meat. Once the heater is smoke, put some wood chips in your tin can or smoker box. Ensure it is as many as you want and depending on how long you want to smoke. Place the smoker box over your heating element, and the dry wood will smoke as the smoker heats up. Keep the electric smoker doors closed so the smoke stays inside.

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