Fire Pit Vs Patio Heater Comparisons

There are varying heaters available in the market that offers heat in outdoor spaces. These heaters make use of different energy sources and help to convert energy to heat. When you are looking to stay warm and cozy on a cool evening, you can choose between a fire pit or a patio heat. These heater options allow you to stay outside longer without the need for a fireplace. On chilly evenings, you no longer have to rush indoors but can now stay out to enjoy the starry night. The question then becomes how you can decide if a patio heater or a fire pit is a better option for you.

Read our fire pit vs patio heater comparison to find out which of these heat sources is a better option for you.

Fire Pit vs Patio Heater Comparison

Patio Heaters

You can easily find these in restaurants to heat outdoor seating sections. Patio heaters use different fuel sources and can heat a large area. If you love to stay outdoors, this might be an ideal option for you. There are different types, like the electric patio heater that’s safer for children because it isn’t hot and there are no embers to worry about. Patio heaters also require little maintenance and take no time to get heated up. They can be used outdoors, at parties, events, garages, and many more places. They come with safety features and are a popular choice in many homes.


  1. They are versatile and can be used commercially or in residences
  2. Safe to use around children
  3. You can also control the temperature
  4. Heats a large area
  5. Requires little maintenance and heats up quickly
  6. It can be used indoors and outdoors
  7. Some patio heaters are pretty portable and come with safety features


  1. Requires a power source
  2. Electric patio heater’s cords might cause a trip hazard
  3. Propane heaters require constant expensive
  4. Not a significant light source.

Fire Pits

An alternative you can consider is fire pits. They are not like open fires or in-ground fire pits. You get all the warmth, flame, and light you want in a decorative piece. Outdoor fire pits can be moved around with you when you change homes, unlike in-ground fire pits. They also use different heat sources like coal, wood, and propane; sometimes, you come across those with electric ignition. Fire pits are ideal for creating the perfect fire for roasting marshmallows or creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere at parties.

There are different types to suit your style; the options for fire pits are vast. They provide plenty of warmth but have a limited heat range. You also need to exercise extra care when using around children or pets. They come with mesh covers to help with the spark but are not entirely contained like patio heaters. Outdoor fire pits give a campfire feel, but you have less mess to clean up this time.


  1. Vast design options
  2. Heat and light source when entertaining
  3. Offers roasting capabilities
  4. A better alternative to building in-ground pits
  5. Portability and easy transportation
  6. Provides less mess than campfires


  1. There are dangers of embers and sparks
  2. Limited heat range, unlike patio heaters
  3. Limited temperature control
  4. Requires fuel source as well
  5. It cannot be used indoors

Final Words

While a fire pit produces enough warmth and light for you, there is limited temperature control, unlike patio heaters. If you’re more worried about safety, patio heaters might be a better option because fire pits are hazardous due to the sparks and embers. Patio heaters are much easier to use and produce enough heat to warm up a large area than fire pits. It is easier to control the ignition and temperature as well. Simply consider the pros and cons of both options, and you’re sure to find the heater that best suits your need.

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