Electric Vs Gas Patio Heater: Which Is Better?

Patio heaters are valuable devices that can improve the outdoor and indoor temperature. They allow you to relax on your patio or deck for an extended amount of time throughout the year. When it’s winter or fall evenings, you can comfortably relax in your deck or patio with these heaters. They’re known to generate about 60,000 BTUs of heat and are built for safety. They’re also quite sturdy and will last you many years of use.

There are different patio heaters available, and they use different energy types. The trick lies in determining which patio heater type is more suitable for your need. This article explores the difference between Electric and gas patio heaters to help you decide which option is more preferable for you.

Electric Vs Gas Patio Heater Comparison

This electric vs gas patio heater comparison is based off the four factors below.

1. Safety

When buying an electric or gas patio heater, you need to think about patio heater safety. Electric patio heaters are considered safer than gas heaters. This is because electric heaters do not need as much ventilation as gas patio heaters. They also don’t produce carbon monoxide, which is unavoidable with gas patio heaters. For this reason, electric patio heaters are a better option for the environment because no fossil fuel is needed. Gas patio heaters burn fossil fuels to produce heat. You also need enough weight to hold the gas patio heater down to prevent it from tipping over. If you have kids or pets, a better choice for their safety would be an electric patio heater. It is cool to touch and doesn’t feature an open flame that might be harmful.

2. Portability

A more portable option amongst the two types of patio heaters is the gas patio heater. They can be moved around the patio and to the backyard because no outlet is needed to plug it into. The same cannot be said about electric heaters; they need an electric outlet to plug them into. However, when you consider ventilation, electric patio heater are preferable as they do not need much ventilation. Gas patio heaters can be pretty dangerous without enough ventilation.

3. Easy Usage

Once you plug in your electric patio heater, you only need to switch it on, and you’re good to go. Gas patio heaters can heat a larger area, but the setup can be pretty complicated. You have to hook it to the fuel tank, and some do not come with an ignition switch but need manual setup. So, if your preference is higher heat output, gas is the option for you. Electric heaters tend to last much longer; all you need is electricity. On the other hand, gas needs a fuel source, and once the fuel source runs out, you also run out of heat.

4. Cost

Electric patio heaters make use of less energy and will cost you much lower in the long run. They do not require fuel like gas patio heaters and are therefore a better option if you’re looking for a low-cost alternative. Gas patio heaters are relatively expensive when purchasing and will require you to continue to buy gas to use continually.

Final Words

When it comes to the patio heater that offers more heat outdoors, propane takes the crown. They are ideal for cool evenings or those freezing winter nights. However, in terms of safety, electric heaters might be the better choice. You simply have to consider which feature is more important to you and choose the best patio heater that fits your lifestyle.

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