Best Propane Lantern For Camping: Reviews, Buying Guide & FAQs

Whether you’re going camping overnight or holding an outdoor picnic, poor lighting can take away the fun. This is why you have to prepare for every issue that might pop up at any time. One of the best ways to combat darkness while camping out or holding a picnic is with a propane lantern. There are several types out there, and you can even use them at home if there is an emergency power outage. Although there’s a focus on LED lights, propane lanterns are more environmentally-friendly. It is a cost-effective method to generate light and heat while you’re outdoors. Let’s explore the best propane lanterns and the factors to look out for when buying one.

1. Coleman QuickPack Deluxe Propane Lantern – Best Propane Lantern For Camping

The Coleman Quickpack lantern is one hot cake you won’t think twice about getting when you go shopping for propane lanterns, thanks to a compact design, a lightweight body, and the ability to offer up to 1000 lumens of bright light. It offers ample light up to 50 feet from where you keep the lantern. Also, Coleman fitted this lantern with the revered PerfectFlow Technology. This Perfectflow ensures that the lantern is still active, irrespective of the weather conditions in your surrounding. We highlighted other cool features of the Coleman Quickpack lantern in our review, directly below buying guide section.

Propane Lanterns For Camping – Buying Guide

If you intend to get yourself a propane lantern, then you need to ensure you’re getting the best. There are varieties of propane lanterns in the market, and finding a perfect fit can be quite stressful. However, we’ve put together a list of factors to consider when choosing a propane lantern. These factors will ensure you end up making the right choice that suits your needs.

Lantern Type

Propane lantern could either be dual-fueled or strictly gas-powered – you need to decide which is a better fit for you. They come with different features so that you can make a choice based on your preference. If you’re looking for a lightweight option, your best bet would be electric lanterns. They are quiet, and you can safely use them inside a tent. However, they might not last you for long without a recharge if you’re going camping for days. On the other hand, gas-powered lanterns last a long while and are much brighter. They can work in all temperatures but can be hot to touch since the lantern uses live flame. It is best to keep them away from flammable materials. They are quite fragile and need ample ventilation.

Brightness & Weight

A propane lantern’s brightness is measured in lumens. The brightness of your propane lantern depends on how bright you want it to be. You need a bright enough lantern to light up your surroundings but not so striking; it could blind you temporarily. You could get lucky and get a propane lantern with adjustable lighting, but that’s not always the case. Gas-powered propane lanterns can usually offer out 500-100 lumens, while electric propane lanterns offer 200-500 lumens. The brighter the lantern, the more gas it consumes.

How will you be using your lantern? If you’re going to be holding it around in your car, then the weight is not an issue. However, if you’re backpacking into the woods, the lantern’s weight is important. You’ll need a propane lantern that’s light and won’t be taking too much space in your backpack. Luckily, most propane lanterns are designed lightweight for this very purpose. Most propane lanterns come with an attached base, and you can easily dismantle this base for easy packing. Large lanterns are best used when going car camping or for a picnic. However, lightweight and easily dismantled lanterns are more suitable for backpacking adventures.

Duration & Mantles

This is another crucial factor to bear in mind when choosing a propane lantern. When going camping, Having a lantern that needs frequent refueling or charge will leave you in the dark for long periods and might burn out much faster than you can keep up. Note that the brighter the light, the much faster it will burn out. Look out for lanterns that don’t burn out quickly. You can most of the time find information on how long a propane lantern lasts in customers’ reviews.

A propane lantern’s mantle determines how bright the light is. They are usually made of a mesh material that’s mixed with metal or ceramic materials. The mantle protects the lantern and encases the flames that the propane lantern provides. The number of mantles a lantern comes with determines how bright the lantern’s light would be. Double-mantle propane lanterns are usually brighter. They’re also a great choice because you can easily replace one mantle with the other if it burns out or breaks. However, double-mantle lanterns are usually difficult to light and are best for those who have experience with propane lanterns. If you’re just buying your first propane lantern, stick to a single mantle lantern so as not to face difficulty when trying to use it.

Durability & Waterproof

All camping gears tend to wear out or get damaged after a while. Nevertheless, choosing a lantern that can fall without breaking helps to keep it around much longer. Look out for a propane lantern made with top-quality material. Some propane lanterns are more fragile than they look, so checking out several reviews will also give you an idea of what to expect. Take a good look at the mantle and ensure it efficiently balances heat-resistance with transparency. The handle must also be sturdy to avoid issues when you try to move it around.

There is every possibility that it might rain. You need your propane lantern to keep working even when it gets wet. There are propane lanterns that are water-resistant; they won’t work when it rains but won’t get damaged. However, waterproof lanterns can keep on running even if it is soaked. If you are camping in a location with quick weather changes, you should go with a waterproof lantern. They will perform longer, and you don’t have to worry about being stuck in the dark if your propane lantern gets wet.

Other Factors to Consider

The factors mentioned above are very important considerations when choosing a lantern. However, some factors would make your propane lantern serve you better. One of these features includes the heat output of the propane lantern and indoor use. If there is an emergency lighting issue at home, can you use your propane lantern inside? You have to take into due consideration how easy it is to light the lantern or use it. Can you easily hang it on a branch? Is it easy to refuel the lantern, or is the process a complicated process? You also need to create a budget as the price is an important factor to consider when choosing a propane lantern. You don’t want a lantern that is overly expensive but isn’t high-quality. The price doesn’t always determine quality. Therefore, look out for a lantern that offers you the best value for your money.

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Best Propane Lanterns Reviewed

There are varieties of propane lanterns out there from different brands. However, not all propane lantern offers you top-quality. To help you along, we’ve narrowed the list down to the best propane lanterns you can find today. These lanterns are carefully selected based on the value they offer and the features that make them a great addition to your camping gear. These lanterns are the top models available today; let’s take a look.

1. Coleman QuickPack Deluxe Propane Lantern – Best Propane Lantern For Camping

Best Propane Lantern For Camping image 1

Here’s the Coleman propane lantern that comes in a compact design and a casing that makes mobility very easy when traveling with it. Its handle is quite sturdy, so users can carry it around easily without fear of it getting broken. This Coleman QuickPack lantern offers you 1000 lumens of bright light, ensuring you have enough lighting to light up your campsite up to seventy feet away from the lantern’s position. It also has a wide base that ensures the lantern stays stable on whatever surface it is placed on. The base serves as the end of the carrying face when you’re ready to pack it up.

There’s the adjustable knob, that allowd you to configure the lighting to your preference. It also features a dual-mantle design ensuirng you are provided with a bright and consistent glow always. This propane lantern was designed using the PerfectFlow technology associated with Coleman. It is used to ensure a continuous and consistent gas flow irrespective of weather conditions. Although lighting this lantern has to be done the old-fashioned way, this propane lantern is suitable for campers looking for a lantern that’s easy to use and transport at the same time. A single-cylinder of propane will keep this propane lantern going for up to eight hours. Its ventilators are resistant to rust, while the globe is designed high-temperature to prevent cracking from the head.


  • It has an adjustment knob and a rust-resistant finish.
  • High-temperature globe and is weatherproof.
  • Double-mantle design and is lightweight.


  • No push-button ignition.

2. Texsport Single Mantle Propane Lantern

Texsport Single Mantle Propane lantern for camping image

At almost 1000 lumens, you can count on ample light from this propane lantern. This Texsport Single Mantle Propane Lantern remains one of the best propane lanterns in the market. Although it comes with a single mantle, it is bright enough to illumine your campsite or any outdoor space. It features a sturdy plastic base that ensures stability when placed on any surface. It can be dismantled whenever it is not in use and assembled quite easily again.  

This propane lantern features a carrying handle that allows you to easily move it around and hang it on a branch or rail. It is also lightweight, which aids in carrying it around or for a short evening hike. One feature we find amazing is the adjustable knob that you can easily handle. You can easily make adjustments to the light’s brightness, so it doesn’t affect your eyesight. The globe is also heat-resistant, so it doesn’t crack due to the heat. It can burn for up to 8 hours on one propane cylinder. This is a propane lantern that will last you on many camping activities through the years.


  • Sturdy handle and heat-resistant globe.
  • Plastic base for stability.
  • Lightweight and has an adjustment knob.


  • Mantle burns up quickly.

3. Coleman PerfectFlow Lantern

Do you love spending lots of time outdoors? Then, the Coleman PerfectFlow lantern is for you. It is one of the top models from Coleman and sports many features. The is a two-mantle propane lantern that is optimized to withstand harsh weather conditions. It lights easily and maintains consistency in the measure of light it offers. Also, it’s lightweight and has a sleek design that will light up your nights while camping. As with the Quickpack lantern we reviewed above, this lantern also offers adjustable brightness with the adjustable knob integrated with the lamp so you can control the light.

This propane lantern also comes with a high-temperature globe which ensures the lantern remains effective no matter the temperature level. That means you can use this lantern in the snow or rain without fear of its efficiency is affected. The lantern also comes with an impressive heat shield that shields your hands from being scalded by excessive heating. With the lantern’s low fuel consumption, you can use it for over 7 hours on a single tank of fuel. This propane lantern is a worthy companion for a night under the stars, and the unique footed base allows it to balance steadily on any surface you place it.


  • Double-mantle design and has a heat-resistant globe.
  • Lightweight and has a heat shield.
  • Low-fuel consumption with light control.


  • Doesn’t come with a carrying base

4. Coleman QuickPack Gas Lantern

coleman gas lantern

If you like your propane lantern high-tech, then you would love this model from Coleman. It is an Insta-start lantern; this means that you can light up your lantern with just a single push button. With the 1000 lumens it offers, you can rest assured that this propane lantern will light up your campsite. It lights up at least 22feet away from the lantern’s position and features an adjustment knob that allows you easily adjust the brightness to your preference. It is built with a porcelain outer layer that ensures your lantern is safe from harsh weather effects. This feature ensures you can use the lamb when it’s snowing or raining without fear of corrosion or rust.

The Coleman QuickPack Gas Lantern also comes with a carrying case that ensures easy transportation and storage when not in use. Another part of this lantern you would love is the heat-resistant globe and metal guard. The metal guard protects your hands from getting scalded, and the globe is heat-resistant to prevent damages. It also comes with a steady base that allows it to maintain steadiness on all surface types. This Coleman lantern comes with a bail handle that allows you to easily take it around and hang it on branches or lines. It’s built to last while providing steady performance in all weather conditions and altitudes.


  • Double-mantle design and has push-button lighting.
  • Durable and rust-resistant body.
  • High-temperature globe and has a bail handle.


  • Handle slips out easily.

5. Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Lantern

coleman lantern dual fuel
Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Lantern

This is another premium lantern from Coleman. It runs on Coleman liquid fuel or gasoline. Therefore, it is less expensive to use and also consumes less fuel than other propane lanterns. This lantern comes with a dual mantle design that maintains a consistent glow at all times. Although this lantern’s brightness is pegged at 861 lumens, it’s decently bright, and there is an adjustable knob that allows you to dim the light to your preference. It also comes integrated with a carry case that allows you to carry it around safely when traveling or safe storage when not in use.

It is lightweight and can be carried around using the sturdy handle it comes with. The handle also allows you easily hang this lantern on a branch or a line. This sturdy base also allows you to place the lantern on any surface without fear of it falling over. A single fuel tank will keep his lantern alive for up to 7hours and longer when used with low lighting.


  • Adjustable lighting knob and sturdy design.
  • It has a sturdy handle and a porcelain ventilator.
  • Lightweight and comes with a carrying case.


  • No push-button ignition

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FAQs – Propane Lanterns For Camping

Are propane lanterns safe choices? Yes, they are. As long as the propane lantern is maintained and works properly, they are quite safe. They can be used for any outdoor activity and can serve as emergency lighting in a power outage.

Why won’t my propane lantern come on? There are several reasons why your propane lantern might not be coming on. One common reason is the fuel supply; it could also be a result of the mantles.

Can a propane lantern work in different weather conditions? Yes, several propane lanterns work in different weather conditions. Most Coleman lanterns are designs to operate efficiently under the rain or while it’s snowing.

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There are several varying reasons why you might be considering getting a propane lantern. They come with many features and are very efficient when camping or during other outdoor activities. Hopefully, this article helps you make the right choice when picking the best propane lantern for you. The reviewed propane lanterns are the best in the market, so read through and pick the best for you with confidence.

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