Best Propane Generator For Home Use: Reviews, Buying Guide & FAQs

You likely found your way here stumbling through the various propane generator reviews on the web looking for what fits you the best. Whether you may be looking for a generator for your home or a more portable propane generator option for an RV or various worksites, a propane-powered generator is always a great option. When comparing propane to gasoline you will find that it is comparatively inexpensive.

A propane generator also has a much longer shelf life and can be stored for up to a year or longer in some cases. This makes it a more viable option for generating electricity off the grid. While there are virtually zero generators that run solely on propane alone, dual fuel generators run on either gasoline or propane and the choices are vast when considering the right model for your needs. We will also look at tri-fuel generators as well. Consult the list below to find the best propane generator for your needs.

Best Propane Generator For Home Use: Reviews

Here are the seven propane generator for your home. If you live in an RV, we’ve included one you would like. Oh, you should also check out our dual fuel pick, if that’s what you’re looking for.

1. Westinghouse WGen3600DF Generator – Best Propane Generator For Home

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One of the best dual fuel generators on the market is this bad boy from Westinghouse and what makes this one unique is its push-button start feature as well as a remote start via a custom key fob! Suddenly you wonder if it is a generator or a car?! Once you get this beast up and chugging it is rated for about 3,600 W while running on gasoline and puts out a maximum surge power of 4,650 W and what is even more impressive is the large 4-gallon tank which will give you about 12 hours at half load. While this generator may only offer a mere two AC power outlets, it can almost be forgiven due to the inclusion of on a super duty RV-ready 30 amp outlet and even a very useful DC port for various battery charging needs.

This is most definitely not a portable generator by any means weighing in at a hefty 100 LBS and measures a full two feet in length. Add a full tank of gas to the total weight and you got one heavy generator. With all that weight it is a relief that most users have a good appreciation for the sturdy design of the wheels. You will have total peace of mind when you are met with Westinghouse’s 3-year warranty and also when you consider the generator is CARB compliant.

Performance on Propane: When this bad boy runs on the clean propane gas it achieves a surge power of 4,180 W and can continually output 3,240 W. All of this power is plenty to power every appliance in most homes. Lastly, you are looking at about 12 hours or so of run time when connected to a standard backyard propane tank at half power utilization. 


  • 4,180 W surge power on propane
  • 12-hour runtime at half power
  • RV-ready 30-amp outlet


  • Only two AC ports

2. Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Generator – Best Propane Generator For RV

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This compact portable propane inverter generator is a grower, not a shower. Some may think the price for this Champion generator may be a little high for the total power it can deliver but you would be forgetting the immense advantages gained by the portability of the unit and running noise levels make it the quietest propane generator on our list. Depending on your individual needs these other advantages may be worth the extra coin if portability instead of brute power is your main focus. This little guy can output 3,400 W of total surge power while running on gasoline and a total of 3,100 W of continuous power.

While the runtime may be limited to a mere 7 and a half hours at only a quarter power due to the smaller gas tank, again you have to remember this is made to be small and portable. On the pretty face of this generator, you will find both an RV ready 30 AMP outlet and a convenient DC port for battery charging, sadly however there is no real meter that will allow you to monitor wattage or fuel levels in real-time. User reported that the Champion generator is easy to carry around using it’s provided handle at under 100 pounds but some were disappointed by the wheels getting clogged up or losing effectiveness on muddy or wet terrain. Enjoy your new generator with total peace of mind with an included three-year warranty and LIFETIME technical support.

Performance on propane: This particular portable generator performs spectacularly on propane, delivering 3,100 W of surge power and 2,750 W of continual power. Remember this small unit is limited by its tiny gas tank so you propane enthusiasts will not have to worry due to it running for 12 hours at half power when connected to a standard propane tank.


  • Excellent portability
  • RV-ready 30-amp outlet and DC port
  • Three-year warranty/lifetime support.


  • No fuel or power meter
  • Wheels can clog on muddy ground

3. Champion 76533 Propane Generator

Top 7 Best Propane Generators

If safety and usability are your priority then look no further than this Champion dual fuel generator. A unique fuel selector switch will make sure that after a few too many beers in the backyard you won’t make the mistake of accidentally switching fuel types when plugging in appliances. Another handy safety feature is an electric motor start switch that features a built-in surge protector for your outlets. Aside from these genius innovations, on gasoline, you can expect about 3,800 W and a surge of up to 4,750 W and you can expect about 9 full hours of rippin and roarin on a full tank.

While you may feel limited by a mere two AC power outlets, it does come with the much desired 30 amp RV ready outlet. The most highly acclaimed feature from users is the amazing intelliguage display, this display provides a clear continuous real-time measurement of total wattage being drawn from the generator which allows the user to track the remaining run time. With a three year warranty and LIFETIME technical support, you can be confident in your purchase.

Performance on propane: When this guy is sipping on clean propane you can expect a respectable 4,275 surge and a continuous 3,420 watts. Which provides one of the closest performances to gas than most other propane generators.


  • Competitive power output
  • Intelligauge display
  • Three-year warranty with lifetime technical support


  • Only two AC outlets.

4. DuroMax XP4850EH Generator – Budget Pick

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If you are saddled with too many child support payments and a new much younger high maintenance girlfriend this may be the generator for you. This DuroMax propane generator is going to pump out 4,850 W of surge power on gas which is even better than some more expensive generators on the market. The trade-off is the continuous output which has a pretty significant drop down to 3,850 W. Much like it’s more expensive brothers, this cheaper option still comes with a nice DC outlet for charging batteries and even two 20 amp AC power outlets. Don’t expect the much-desired RV ready 30 amp outlet for this budget price as this model’s 30 amp outlet is a mere standard variety and will need special modification to operate properly with most RV’s.

Most users highly enjoyed the ability to monitor the voltage using the included handy analog display, but some older users may find it hard to read. As far as portability is concerned, the very thick and rugged rubber wheels help a lot but the 130-pound total weight before gas makes this the kind of generator you will want to plant in a permanent parking space outside of special circumstances.

Performance on propane: If you are looking to only use propane and want to save some money you should consider this DuroMax propane generator because propane is where it truly shines. As far as the runtime is concerned, you are looking at a whopping 20 hours at even half power using a standard 20-pound propane tank. Another bonus is that on propane you only drop down to about 3,450 W.


  • Up to 20-hour runtime on propane
  • It’s affordable.
  •  Excellent build-quality.


  • No RV-ready 30-amp port
  • Analog voltmeter can be hard to read

5. Ford FG5250PBR M-Frame Generator

Top 7 Best Propane Generators

We all know the old Ford slogan “built Ford tough” when it comes to their cars and history of solid American made automobiles but does the same hold true for this Ford themed generator? While Ford themselves had no direct involvement in the design of this generator they did the Donald Trump thing and simply licensed their name and badge to the product. This gas and propane generator has a surge on gasoline of 5,250 W and a continuous output consisting of 4,750 W, this makes Fords not so gimmicky generator one of the most powerful in this list.

The remote start technology is beloved by users due to its ease of use while camping out or being able to not have to leave your recreational vehicle to switch on the electricity. Just like most dual fuel generators this unit also only offers two standard power AC outlets but comes equipped with the much sought after RV ready 30 amp outlet. While it by no means is considered a small propane generator, it only weighs in at about 108 pounds without fuel inside, this makes it pretty easy to transport especially thanks to it’s “never-flat” rugged wheel design. 

Performance on propane: When this automobile themed generator is guzzling the fumes of a clean propane tank it will push out about 4,750 W of surge power while muscling in at 3,850 W of continuous output. Impressively you can also expect about 12 hours on a full propane tank. The main event of those using both types of fuel is the switch and go technology allowing users to seamlessly switch between gas and propane without the need to ever even switch off the machine.


  • Powerful engine capacity.
  • Remote start and RV-ready outlet
  • Sturdy wheel design.


  • Only two standard AC outlets
  • No battery charging port

6. FIRMAN H08051 10,000W Generator

This monster from Firman puts out enough power to make you the alpha male of the backyard you always knew you were! This powerhouse generator is specifically designed for huge amounts of power output and to sustain that output for many hours. With an erection inducing peak output of 10,000 W and a continuous 8,000 W output, this is by far the most powerful generator in our list. With an eight gallon tank, you will get a good 12 hours of go time at half power.

You will not be carrying this 230-pound behemoth down the street on a casual stroll but with the well-balanced frame, many users found it could easily be moved for short distances when needed. This is not a quiet propane generator by any means, it is way louder than even less powerful models out there, but at the same time is quieter than other high power generators in the same class. A key feature that a ton of users love is the integrated fuel gauge much like those found in cars.

Performance on propane: Unlike many other generators on this list, the Firman does suffer a significant loss of power when using it exclusively with propane. Even given the decrease in power, this monster still delivers superior power output on propane with a peak output of 9,050 W and continually putting out a consistent and reliable 7,250 W. On a full 12-gallon propane tank you can expect about eight hours of runtime.


  • Extreme power output
  • Surprisingly easy to move around despite weight
  • Eight-gallon tank with integrated fuel meter.


  • Relatively short runtime on standard propane tank
  • Louder and heavier than smaller generators

7. DuroMax XP2000EH Compact Generator

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It has no wheels, and it is a small propane generator that is focusing on extreme portability while trying not to compromise on features. While it may be much smaller than others on this list, this particular DuroMax propane generator is also smaller in wattage. Maxing out at about 2,000 W of surge power and a mere 1,600 W of continuous power, you will find that you are using it at the constant maximum output when powering the average amount of appliances found in a typical RV or small home.

If using gasoline you will also encounter a small fuel tank that limits you to 6 and a half hours of run time at half power usage. If you are using this at full power, you will only get about 3 hours. The good news is that this little man weighs in at a mere 53 pounds, that is about 50 percent less than most others on this list, but even at 53 pounds, you will not be carrying this thing on a long hike. At this size and price do not expect a fancy 30 amp outlet and you can forget about the electronic start.

Performance on propane: The low power output gets no better on propane at 1,800 W in a surge. The upside as always though is the much larger fuel capacity of the propane tank in comparison to the smaller gasoline reservoir giving you 16 hours at half power. If your needs are only for a little power for a few things and want something small, light, and portable, this may be the perfect choice for you.


  • Smaller and lighter than competing propane generators
  • Great for camping/outdoor activities.
  • Affordable.


  • Low continuous power output, especially on propane
  • Heavy to carry without wheels

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Why bother with a propane generator?

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When compared to gasoline, propane is a much cheaper choice to power your generator. Propane also stores for a much longer time with a lengthier shelf life. After just a few months in storage, gasoline can become stale and can destroy your carb, lasting up to an entire year, propane is by far the fuel for those looking to stock up for emergencies. 

Propane has some down sides

The first and most obvious downside, especially for those of you looking for portability, is the bulky external propane tank. Propane is also less efficient than gasoline and results in a lower average surge and continuous power output. Lastly is temperatures are freezing outside propane will not work at all as a fuel source.

How will you be using your generator?

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When shopping for a generator it is important to always consider the specifications and features that closely fit your needs and situation. For example, using a generator to power your entire house in the event of an outage is largely different from simply powering an RV or various items in the backyard or campsite. Ask yourself, what are my ultimate power needs? How long will I need to run my generator continuously? How much power does my situation actually require? Going with propane, for example, will provide you with a much larger fuel capacity and longer run time while sacrificing portability and efficiency.

How much power do you actually need?

You do not want to make the mistake of going with too much power and spending way more than you have to and alternatively, you also do not want to go with too little power only to find out at a remote location when it is too late. When considering how much power your generator needs to put out it is best to first consider what type and how many appliances you plan to run off of it. The rule of thumb is usually 5,00 W for powering a full average-sized house worth of stuff. If you are trying to power an RV or a medium amount of backyard or remotely located appliances 3,000 W is going to be a good number to shoot for. Runtime is going to be your next factor to consider. For the full house scenario and to have things run as they normally would with working electricity, you are going to want a generator with a long runtime at the 10 to 12-hour mark, at half power. Anything under the 10 to 12-hour mark will likely suffice for the smaller requirements of an RV, campsite, worksite, or backyard.

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Make a decision

After reading this article I am confident that in our list of propane generators you have already found or will find the propane generator that is right for you. Remember, consider your needs and envision what you will be using your generator for and make a good decision. Good luck!

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