Best Outdoor Shower Tent: Reviews, Buying Guide & FAQs

Camping, organizing a cookout, and other outdoor activities are essential parts of life, and they can be fun, especially for avid campers. However, changing your clothes and having a bath or rinsing off during these outdoor activities (on tent sites and campgrounds) can be very cumbersome. Here’s why — you either have the option of bathing in the lake, which can be very dangerous, or you can have your shower in the open air — Not everyone loves either of these ideas. That’s where shower tents come into the picture. Below is a list of our top picks for the best outdoor shower tents and why we selected them.

1. WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent – Best Outdoor Shower Tent

The WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent wins the prize. It is made with anti-tear polyester material for long-lasting use. It features a frame made of galvanized steel to ensure sturdiness and strength, which prevents it from damaging easily. This material also protects it against corrosion. The shower tent comes with a one-side bag to keep your phone, tablet, other gadgets, and handy items safe. You also get one clothesline for hanging and drying wet clothes and towels. The WolfWise shower tent is a multipurpose outdoor tent that gives you privacy for your activities.

Buying Guide: Outdoor Shower Tents

Here’s a list of factors to consider when choosing your outdoor shower tent.

Size/Dimension & Price

An essential factor to keep in mind when shopping for your outdoor shower tent is the size/dimension. You have to consider your body size and height. This will help you specify the dimensions of the tent to choose from. A larger tent will be very comfortable and easy to use. Another factor is the price of your outdoor shower tent. The features of the tent don’t matter if the price is way out of your budget. That said, you should go for shower tents that give you the best value for your money, and they should be within your budget, of course.

Materials Used & Weight

The materials used for making the shower tent are essential because they will determine your outdoor shower tent’s durability and longevity. Polyester material for the clothing/cover plus steel frame will increase the durability of your outdoor shower tent. Another thing is that the polyester must be waterproof and should have a very low heat conductivity.

Weight is also worth noting, especially when you consider the fact that you’re taking the tent along with you on camping trips. Even though heavier tents give more stability, they are harder to convey compared to the light ones. Lightweight frames are always easy to carry and can be taken anywhere. You should ensure a balance between weight and stability when purchasing your outdoor shower tent.

Design, Ergonomics, and Foldability

The design of your shower tent can significantly determine its ease of use and how good it looks. Most campers end up struggling with folding their tents, and it’s due to bad design and ergonomics. It’s vital to look out for things like a carrying bag and ease of folding and unfolding when you shop for a shower tent.

Ventilation and Other Features 

Smooth airflow into the outdoor shower tent is of utmost importance. This increases comfort and also keeps the tent devoid of smells. Vents at the top of the mesh are the most efficient, although sideways ventilation can again come in handy.

The factors above are essential when purchasing your outdoor shower tent. However, you can also look out for other features such as UV Protection for sunlight protection, Storage Bag for keeping gadgets and other handy items, Hang Rope for holding clothes or towels, e.t.c. These features are not a priority but will come in handy when the need arises, and they would also make your outdoor shower tent a replica of your bathroom at home.

Best Outdoor Shower Tent Reviewed

Purchasing a shower tent can be somewhat confusing – after all, they perform the same function mainly. We considered the features above when we selected these shower tents below. Below are some of the best outdoor shower tent to help narrow down your choice:

1. WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent – Best Outdoor Shower Tent

best outdoor shower tent

The WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent is an outdoor tent that gives you many benefits at a reasonable price. It offers an anti-tear UV-protected polyester cover/fabric for durability and protection against sunlight. Along with that, you also get a frame made of galvanized steel to ensure sturdiness and strength. As we mentioned earlier, the tent has no base – this will help keep it clean. For storing your items and hanging your clothes, you get a bag and clothesline.

This shower tent doubles as a multipurpose tent as it offers a spacious interior for changing clothes and can also be used as a bathroom. It is well ventilated, pops up and folds down in minutes, and doesn’t require assembly. An outstanding feature of the WolfWise tent is that immediately after throwing the tent into an open area, it would automatically pop up by itself without any external aid. Its ultra-lightweight construction with carrying bag allows for easy transportation. It’s suitable for families on a camping trip, actors, actresses, and models changing clothes, e.t.c.


  • Durable and lightweight construction.
  • Waterproof, UV & tear resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant, quick pop-up, and foldable design.


  • Folding instructions not provided in the English language.

2. GigaTent Pop-Up Pod Changing Room Privacy Tent

best outdoor shower tent gigapod

The GigaTent Pop-Up Pod tent comprises high-quality polyester fabric with a water-resistant coating and a flexible steel frame for long-lasting repeat use. It comes with four stakes for stability in heavy weather conditions and a double-sided zipper pull, enabling you to enter and exit the tent easily. And it’s also equipped with guy lines for support, in addition to being sewn-on loops to drive stakes through and stabilize the tent in heavy weather. The top of the tent is enclosed for ultimate and full privacy.

It pops up and folds down in minutes and doesn’t require much assembly. Its ultra-lightweight construction coupled with a carrying bag makes it very easy to transport. The Gigatent instant privacy tent gives you instant privacy. It’s a multipurpose tent for outdoor showers, changing clothes, potty use, etc. It can also serve as a rain shelter and more. It’s beneficial on the beach, campings, during photo shoots, and for other privacy needs.


  • Durable fabric, flexible steel, and lightweight
  • Easy to set-up and fold
  • Strings to help secure it to the ground.


  • Absence of side ventilation
  • Low height

3. ROPODA Pop Up Outdoor Shower Tent – Outdoor Shower Tent With Floor

ROPODA Pop Up outdoor shower tent with floor

The ROPODA Pop-up tent is no different from the other tents regarding the material used for its construction. It’s made of high-quality polyester fabric with a water-resistant silver coating, in addition to a flexible steel frame for stability and sturdiness. It’s equipped with a removable roof that can withstand both rain and sunshine and comes with a mosquito net with shower holes for proper ventilation. The Ropoda tent comes with a bag to store different items, a hook for suspending emergency lights, a removable bottom mat, a clothesline for drying wet clothes or towels, and a set of 8 plastic studs to keep it stable in certain unfavorable conditions.

It can easily pop-up and fold in seconds, and assembly is not required. Due to its ultra-lightweight built and carrying bag, you can easily carry it from one place to another. Compared to other outdoor shower tents, this tent is in no way different. As expected, you can use it for many outdoor privacy activities, including showering and serving as a changing room.


  • It pops up and folds in seconds.
  • Durable and water-resistant.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport.


  • Absence of side ventilation

4. ABCOSPORT Instant Privacy Pop Up Tent

abscotent shower tent outside

The ABCOSPORT Privacy tent is made with silver-coated water-resistant polyester fabric and flexible steel, which improves durability. It comes as a package that comprises one carrying bag for easy transportation, a built-in bag to store your items, a set of 4 metal-mounting-stakes for stability during heavy weather, and a clothesline to dry your clothes or towels. The tent sports a side window and top openings for exterior visibility and adequate ventilation.

There’s a locking rope to secure the door and keep it open if need be, and you also get a and nylon loop for added stability and hanging string to hang your clothes. The tent’s design allows for easy or instant pop-up and folding. It’s lightweight and, as expected, comes with a carrying bag that makes for easy transportation. Like other outdoor shower tents, this can serve your privacy tent needs.


  • Durable and water-resistant.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • It pops up and folds easily.


  • Poor stitching in some parts.

5. Your Choice Pop Up Privacy Tent

Choosing this tent is a matter of choice, just as the name implies. It’s a pop-up Privacy tent made of high-quality polyester waterproof fabric and flexible steel, which gives it excellent durability and sturdiness. The material used is UV Protected fabric helps you keep the sun rays at bay, and like the other tents, this one is equipped with a set of 4 stakes and supporting ropes to increase stability during inclement weather. You’ll find two small-sided windows for adequate ventilation, a zippered roof for ventilation and light, a built-in pocket for keeping your items, and a strap for holding your clothes or towel.

It’s also equipped with a double-open zippered large door to help you conveniently get in and out, but there’s no floor mat. Immediately you take it out of its cover, this privacy tent automatically pops up by itself into the ready-made tent, and it folds down in few seconds. It’s an excellent tent that takes care of your privacy needs.


  • Waterproof and durable
  • Good ventilation
  • Easily pops up and folds down.


  • Poor stitches

6. Sportneer Pop-Up Privacy Changing Tent

Sportneer outdoor shower tent image

The Sportneer Pop Up Changing tent is a portable one made of polyester coated material that makes it tear-proof, waterproof, ultraviolet-proof, and durable. As usual, it features a steel frame that gives it flexibility and long-lasting quality. This tent comes with built-in pockets to keep your items, two zippered windows for adequate ventilation, a clothesline to dry clothes and towels, and a large zippered door for convenient entry and exit.

This tent has a set of 4 pull strings supported by eight metal mounting stakes to provide stability during heavy and windy weather conditions. It pops up and folds with ease into the compact-sized bag that it comes with. The tent can conveniently serve as a private shelter for quick changing of clothes during beach trips, photoshoots, campgrounds, outdoor dance classes, and as a shower tent, e.t.c.


  • Waterproof and durable
  • Good ventilation
  • It easily pops up and folds down.


  • Zipper is prone to damage.

7. Leader Accessories Pop Up Shower Tent

This is the last outdoor shower tent we’ll review. As with the others before it, it’s a multipurpose tent constructed with a polyester and waterproof material and supported by a sewn-in flexible steel frame. This gives it good durability. The tent features an opaque (and removable) roof cover – which can also be zipped open – and a small window for added ventilation. It comes with a large zippered door for convenient entry and exit and an inner removable floor cover.

As expected, the tent has four pull strings and eight metal mounting stakes for stability during heavy or windy weather conditions. It also features an internal hanging rope to dry towels and clothes, an inside pocket to store your items, and an olive buckle to hold the tent door panel. It can be used in photography modeling, roadside bathroom, etc. Folding it isn’t as simple as the other tents we’ve seen. Nevertheless, it still folds into its carrying bag with the utmost ease.


  • Durable polyester body.
  • Good ventilation and sturdy zippers.
  • It comes with a floor cover.


  • Challenging to fold and fit back in the bag.

FAQs – Pop Up Outdoor Shower Tents

What is a Pop-up Outdoor Shower Tent? A pop-up outdoor shower tent is a tent designed with water & UV-resistant materials. It provides people with privacy needs (such as changing clothes and showers) during camping and other outdoor activities. It can be set-up and folded down in seconds.

Is it possible to hang a shower bag from the tent? Sure, you can hang a shower bag from the tent once it is popped up and secured with stakes and support wires.

Does the tent stand up on its own without being staked in the ground? Yes, the tent can stand up on its own without stakes during normal weather conditions. However, when in windy or heavy weather conditions, it is better to use stakes for stability purposes.

Which material is more durable and flexible for an outdoor shower tent? Polyester fabric and galvanized steel frame are the best — durable and flexible materials for an outdoor shower tent.

Which material is more heat resistant and ideal for an outdoor shower tent? Polyester is the best when it comes to heat resistance. It insulates extremely well and protects the tent from UV rays.

Is the floor cover attached to the outdoor pop-up tent? Some outdoor shower tents come with removable floor covers, while others come with fixed floor covers, and the others don’t come with any floor covers. You’re free to choose any tent you like.

Does water drain out from the tent? Although some tents are equipped with mesh floor, which drains water pretty well, make sure you set up your tent in a way that allows water to drain away quickly.


As this review draws to an end, we hope you’ve already decided and chosen the best outdoor shower tent that best suits your needs. If you’re still confused with the options, you can go over the tents we selected in this review.

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