Best Outdoor Prep Table: Reviews, Buying Guide & FAQs

Grilling is fun, but only if you have a prep table. It helps you grill more efficiently and also store your accessories where they’re easily accessible. If you love to have barbecue parties or go camping, then an outdoor prep table is something you need to get. There are many options in the market, but some of them are quite lacking, making it hard to know which is right for you. Here are our top picks for the best outdoor prep tables.

1. CampLand Aluminum Folding Table – Best Outdoor Prep Table

The Campland Aluminum Folding Table wins the prize of our best outdoor prep table. It is made with aluminum, which ensures its sturdiness, although it’s lightweight. It features adjustable legs that allow you conveniently adjust it to your desired height. This CampLand table is an outdoor prep table that provides you exactly what you need when going camping and organizing a cookout. It is a highly functional table and is easy to store as it folds into a compact size for easy transportation.

Buying Guide – Outdoor Prep Table

You have to wonder, what do you look out for when shopping for an outdoor prep table? They all look mostly the same, which makes it hard to decide which best suits your need. We’ve compiled a few factors to bear in mind when choosing your outdoor prep table.

Size & Price

An important factor to bear in mind whenever you’re going to purchase an outdoor prep table is the size. Although you don’t need a large table, there is no need to go for a table you can’t work on either. There should be sufficient space on the table to keep whatever you need, including the grill and your grilling accessories. Large tables are sometimes preferred because they offer more space than compact-sized prep tables. However, you should consider the space available because the larger the size, the more space it will occupy.

Another essential consideration is the price of the outdoor prep table. The prep table doesn’t matter if it is way out of your price range. Have a budget, and that will help you eliminate many of the available outdoor prep tables. While some people are merely looking for something cheap, others want something quality no matter the cost. Always make sure you lookout for the best outdoor prep table that gives you the best value for your money.


This is the working space on the table. Typical tables usually have wood or plastic as their worktop, but outdoor prep tables are different. The best prep tables are constructed using stainless steel as the worktop, so look out for stainless steel worktops. Your selected table’s worktop is a vital consideration because it determines how easy it would be to clean up your table after use. Your worktop should be easy to clean with a surface cleaner to ensure that the table lasts quite longer.

Hook Hangers & Adjustable Legs

When you want to use your work table and have nowhere to keep your utensils, it can turn out frustrating. This is why you should keep an eye out for outdoor prep tables that offer you hangers and hooks on the side where you can keep your utensils. You could get lucky with a prep table that comes with a rack for your towels and even clips. Hook hangers help you efficiently store your tools without them getting in your way, especially if there’s no storage space below the table surface.

Except your decking level is just perfect, it is best to go for a table with adjustable legs. There’s a chance that one of the legs would rest uneasy on the floor, and there’ll be a need to alter the table position if the legs are not adjustable. Adjustable heights also make using the table much easier for you. The table’s set height might be too low or high for you, and if your table comes with adjustable legs, it wouldn’t be a problem for you. If you’re lucky, the legs might also be foldable for easy storage.

Storage Space & Wheels

Another vital thing to keep an eye out for when you want to purchase an outdoor prep table is the availability of storage space on the table. Some prep tables feature a cabinet where you can store food, spices, equipment, utensils, and a bunch of other things. Some tables only feature one tabletop, but you could get lucky with prep tables that come with side tables. These under-tables could be either used as an additional workspace or for storage. You should also look out for outdoor prep tables that have lockable cabinets to help restrict children and keep your stuff safe at the same time.

Transporting your outdoor prep table becomes easier if it comes with wheels. Wheels come in handy when you want to move your outdoor prep table to a new space or clean it up. It also makes storage much easier as you can wheel the prep table back and forth if it isn’t a foldable model.

Other Features to Consider

The factors above are essential when buying an outdoor prep table and ensure that you make the right choice for your home. However, you can also look out for an outdoor prep table that features an under-worktop shelf, a paper towel holder, or a table that comes with a lighting pole if you plan to use it frequently in the night. These factors are not a priority but will come in handy and make your outdoor prep table serve you better.

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Best Outdoor Prep Tables Reviewed

Although picking the best outdoor prep table isn’t a challenging activity, the many options could make the task quite confusing. They all perform the same function mainly, but some features listed above help narrow down the choice. Below are some of the best outdoor prep tables to help narrow down your choice.

1. CampLand Adjustable Aluminum Table – Best Outdoor Prep Table

best outdoor prep table image 1

One outdoor prep table that gives you the best of everything is the CampLand Adjustable Aluminum Table. It offers a large size construction and also supports just as much weight. It is constructed with aluminum materials, and the worktop dons an overlay of aluminum steel, which makes it easy to clean. One section of this table that gets a thumb up is the design idea behind the table; it comes with a foldable worktop that makes storage and transportation much easier. There is also a carry bag to pack the table in, and the lightweight design makes it easy to carry around.

This table comes with adjustable legs that make it easy to adjust to your preferred height. Whether you’re on the short side or tall, you have nothing to worry about with this table. Setting up this table is very smooth as there is no complicated process to follow. It comes with stain-resistant finishing and is waterproof so that you can trust this table’s longevity.


  • Durable and lightweight construction.
  • Corrosion-resistant and foldable design.
  • Adjustable height for comfortability.


  • No side tables or second tiers.

2. Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table

Camco outdoor prep table

Camco is known for its stellar designs, and this Deluxe Folding Grill Table is an outstanding table from them. This is a nice outdoor prep table for your outdoor parties and barbecue. It features a stainless steel frame with an aluminum worktop that is lightweight. This table can be folded up for transportation and easy storage when not in use. Its foldability allows it to fit into tight storage space, and when needed, you can unfold, extend the legs, and set it down in a matter of minutes.

When it comes to storage space, the Camco Deluxe Folding Grill Table has got you covered. Apart from the tabletop, there is a lower shelf integrated and also two shelves you can place utensils and equipment. These lower shelves lock together on the steel frame to offer you more support while you’re using the table. Also added to this outdoor prep table is a hook hanger for your utensils and a paper towel hanger, so you can have everything close. High functionality and top-quality designs are what you get when you go with this outdoor grill table.


  • Three-tier design with a sturdy body.
  • It’s foldable and includes a carrying bag.
  • Hangers for storing items.


  • Poor water resistance qualities in the long run.

3. Coleman Compact Roll Top Aluminum Table

Coleman outdoor prep table

If you’re on the search for an outdoor prep station table that will fit right into your budget, this might be the table for you. It is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a camping prep table. The table can support up to 100lbs weight, and setting it up is one of the easiest things to do as it takes just a few minutes to unfold. It is constructed using aluminum material and features an aluminum work table and a mesh storage area for spices and other materials.

This outdoor grill prep table also features a hook hanger so you can keep your utensils close. The legs come with a locking mechanism that offers you impeccable sturdiness and support when using the table. You also get a storage carrying bag for transporting the table once it’s all folded-up easily. It will make a great companion on your camping trips, considering its lightweight nature and ample table surface.


  • Foldable table with an aluminum worktop.
  • Comes with a storage bag for easy transportation.
  • Lightweight and sturdy.


  • The height is not adjustable.

4. Keter Unity XL Portable Outdoor Table

Keter utility table image

Another outdoor grill table that gives you your money’s worth is the Keter Unity XL Portable Outdoor Table. Whatever you need a prep table for, this outdoor prep table will efficiently serve the purpose for you. It has an appealing design that makes it an even better option for anyone looking for large outdoor tables. You get ample storage space, large table surface, among a host of other benefits if you choose this Keter outdoor table.

The worktop is made with stainless steel, and it also features hanging hooks for your utensils. Added to this outdoor prep station is a sidebar that you can use for paper towels when needed. It also features a bin you can keep your spices for easy reach when cooking. The table is constructed with plastic resin that looks like wood but doesn’t require as much maintenance as wood. As for the legs, they are somewhat adjustable, thus offering you all the leveling you need. There are wheels on the legs for easy movement. This outdoor prep table provides an additional gift: a bottle opener – something you won’t find in other outdoor tables.


  • Durable and sturdy construction.
  • Attractive wood finishing with ample storage space.
  • Wheels for easy movement.
  • Lockable storage cabinet.


  • You’ll need a large space for it.

5. REDCAMP Small Adjustable Folding Table

Redcamp table for camping

If you’re in the market for portable tables, this will fit right into your home. It is one of the best folding prep tables you can find in the market. For easy transportation, this table can be folded into a briefcase shape and then carried along. It is so lightweight that even a teenager will conveniently hold up this outdoor grill table. This table is adjustable so that you will find it a perfect fit no matter your height.

Expectedly, the table is made with aluminum materials, and the legs sport a locking mechanism to offer stability and strength to the worktop. You’ll find that the table has rubber caps for all the legs. These rubber caps help to keep the table in place so that it doesn’t slide on a smooth surface. Although the REDCAMP table doesn’t come with side tables, it does make a great cookout companion.


  • Sturdy aluminum design.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Foldable into a briefcase shape.


  • Small-sized but okay for camping.

6. Cuisinart CFGS-222 Take-Along Grill Stand

Cuisinart prep table image

Another compact foldable outdoor prep station to check out is the Cuisinart CFGS-222 Take-Along Grill Stand. It is a foldable table designed to be light and portable while offering ample table space. It features an aluminum worktop that extends on both sides when unfolded. At the two tables’ end, there is enough storage for all your utensils. This outdoor grill table features three cup holders on each side and some hanging hooks to hold up your utensils.

You will also find a storage shelf under the worktop that you can store your equipment. There is a paper towel holder in addition to the other storage spaces. The Cuisinart CFGS-222 table can hold up to 35lbs in weight. As earlier mentioned, it’s lightweight. If you’re looking for something to hold your items on the beach, this is it.


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Strong and stable construction.
  • Foldable design with extended side tables.


  • No covers for the storage.

7. Portal Outdoor Folding Portable Camping Table

Portal prep table

This is a portable outdoor prep table that will also give you the best value for your money. It is designed with a sturdy aluminum frame and features an aluminum worktop with enough space to hold your equipment. The legs on this prep table are adjustable to fit your preferred height and keep you leveled on uneven surfaces. It is foldable and comes with a storage bag for easy storage and transportation.

This outdoor grill prep table is easy to set up and offers you ample stability. It is designed lightweight and features extra storage space for your utensils. There is a detachable mesh bottom layer you can use when you need extra space under the table. This mesh is easy to remove when not in use. This is a perfect choice when going for picnics and cookouts.


  • Adjustable legs and a lightweight design.
  • Sturdy and stable construction.
  • Additional storage space.


  • It is not waterproof.

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FAQs- Outdoor Prep Tables

  • Which is better between foldable and fixed outdoor prep tables? It depends on the use. If you have sufficient space on your patio/porch and don’t have plans to move the prep table around, then a fixed table is a better option. However, campers and those looking for a prep table for cookouts and picnics would appreciate the folding prep tables more.
  • Is there a need for additional storage space in my outdoor prep table? This isn’t necessary, and not all tables come with extra storage space. However, more space could come in handy if you have many utensils and equipment to store.
  • Which material is more heat resistant and ideal for an outdoor prep table? Most prep tables are made with stainless steel or aluminum because of their high resistance heat. However, outdoor prep tables made with plastic and wood can still offer you all the heat resistance you want.

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As this review draws to an end, I hope you already know which outdoor prep table best suits your needs. If you’re still confused about which option you want, you can go over the options with the factors listed above in consideration. These outdoor prep tables provided above are highly functional and will provide you with all the space you need for your outdoor activities.

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