Best Outdoor Chandelier: Reviews, Buying Guide & FAQs

Chandeliers are known to take the lighting and aesthetical appeal of rooms to an exquisite level. The same applies to outdoor chandeliers. But buying an outdoor chandelier is more than buying a chandelier that looks beautiful and compliments the surrounding. Factors like durability and weather-resistance all play a huge role in deciding which chandelier to buy. In this simple review, we’ve selected about half a dozen of the best outdoor chandelier to guide you as you shop for something spectacular for your outdoor space.

#1. Westinghouse Lighting 6339000 Outdoor Chandelier – Best Outdoor Chandelier

The Westinghouse 6339000 chandelier fits all the descriptions that a perfect outdoor chandelier should have. Like most chandeliers, the shiny bronze finishing of this Westinghouse chandelier allows it to blend seamlessly with the environment while brightening the whole place up. This chandelier supports six candelabra-base bulbs with a maximum of 40W, and it’s pretty easy to install, thanks to the installation accessories included in the box.

The Ultimate Buying Guide For Outdoor Chandeliers

As we clearly stated at the beginning of this article, you need to consider many factors aside from the chandelier’s aesthetical appeal. In the lines that follow, you’ll find a simple checklist of items to consider when shopping for outdoor chandeliers.

The Lighting Style

One of the first things that you should consider is the lighting style of the chandelier. What lighting styles tickle your fancy? Traditional, contemporary, or transitional styles. The traditional lighting style refers to the designs that are reminiscent of 18th-century homes. It’s particularly suitable for anyone looking to have a vintage touch on their outdoor space. On the other hand, the transitional chandelier styles refer to the style that is a link between the traditional and contemporary styles. Simply put, it’s a combination of both worlds. And the contemporary style refers to modern designs of the chandelier. We recommend picking what blends with your home’s décor and meets your budget.


Chandeliers can be pretty pricey, especially if you’re gunning for vintage models. You should set aside a decent amount of money to buy a good chandelier. If you’re looking for a unit that packs a ton of features, including remote control, LED bulbs, dimming options, and a good wet-rating, you will need a decent budget – not necessarily a fat one.

Power Sources & Light Bulbs

You are free to choose from solar, battery-powered, and wired power options for your outdoor chandelier. Each of these power sources has its advantages over the other, but they may require extra mounting gear. For instance, a wired outdoor chandelier will require an extension where the chandelier will be plugged in. You’ll need a good mounting location for the solar panel for the solar models, and you may even need extra wires.

And for the battery models, you’ll need to keep the chandelier in a place where it’ll be easy to change the batteries. Of all the three, we recommend the wired models over the others. Regarding light bulbs, you can choose from LEDs, fluorescent lights, and HID bulbs. Any of these bulbs will work fine as long as the manufacturer recommends it. Take note of the maximum wattage capacity allowed for each bulb on the chandelier. We recommend LEDs since they use less energy.

Size & Material

What is the chandelier made of? Most are made of rust-resistant coated steel and glass. The place you intend to install the chandelier will greatly help you make a buying decision. Glass, steel, and iron are materials that are frequently used for making chandeliers. If your installation location is situated in a spot that will make the chandelier susceptible to wet conditions, you should consider the chandelier’s wet rating. The wet rating refers to the degree to which the chandelier can withstand windy and wet conditions.

Mounting & Controls

Consider the ease of mounting the chandelier and the inclusion of the necessary mounting hardware in the packaging, although not all manufacturers will include the mounting hardware. Thankfully, you can easily get the required mounting hardware from stores. Regarding controls, some chandeliers come with remote controls that offer light dimming functions. You can choose such if you like the remote control options. Bear in mind that the more features the chandelier have, the higher the price.

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Best Outdoor Chandelier Reviews

Here are some of the exterior chandeliers that caught our attention because of their designs and top-notch quality. The chandeliers we reviewed cut across the three styles of chandeliers available on the market.

1. Westinghouse Lighting 6339000 Outdoor Chandelier – Best Outdoor Chandelier

Westinghouse outdoor chandelier image

The Westinghouse outdoor chandelier is a pretty perfect chandelier that’s fit for use in your exterior entryways, balcony, or dining. It’s made from high-quality thick metal materials and is finished off in beautiful oil-bronze color to give off a termed oil-rubbed look. While this may not be interesting for many of us, the oil-rubbed finish makes it easy for the chandelier to blend seamlessly with the décor of the area it’s placed.

We love the design of this Westinghouse chandelier, and we think you’ll love it more. Perhaps, you’ll love the six candelabra lights with a maximum output of 40W or even the glass covers for the bulbs. The covers are shaped as candles to give the chandelier a resplendent look. This Westinghouse chandelier comes with a 36-inch chain and a 60-inch cord for connection to a power source. Installation is straightforward, and thankfully, you get all the necessary mounting hardware and instructions along with the chandelier.


  • Beautiful bronze-finished design and 5-year warranty.
  • It comes with a 36-inch chain and 60-inch cord.
  • Easy to install and includes installation hardware.


  • It doesn’t have an additional chain.

2. Sunjoy Winfall Collection Outdoor LED Chandelier – Battery-Powered Exterior Chandelier

Sunjoy winfall outdoor chandelier

If you’re in the market for a battery-powered chandelier, you shouldn’t take your eyes off the Sunjoy Outdoor Chandelier. It’s as beautiful as the Westinghouse chandelier we reviewed above, and it’s made of steel like the former. The bulbs used are LEDs, and you have just four lights on this chandelier. Giving the energy efficiency of LED bulbs, it’s not hard to figure out why Sunjoy Winfall went for a battery power source. This actually makes the chandelier suitable for pergolas and gazebos, if you may.

The chandelier uses AA batteries, and the batteries are not included in the packaging. This may be a huge turn off for some people who love this chandelier, although getting its batteries is a piece of cake. In the box, you get a control chain for turning the lights on and off. Also included is the hanging chain that measures roughly 23-inches. The rust-resistant coating on the steel parts of the chandelier will ensure that they’ll maintain their looks, but since they’re not wet-rated, we recommend keeping them out of the way of harsh and wet weather conditions.  


  • Beautiful design and is good for pergolas.
  • Includes a 23-inch hanging chain and a light control chain.
  • It uses LED bulbs that run off AA batteries.


  • It’s not wet-rated and doesn’t come with batteries.

3. Warmally Gazebo LED Outdoor Chandelier – Best Gazebo Chandelier

warmally gazebo exterior chandelier

Here’s a bright battery-powered chandelier for your gazebo. It’s antique-styled and is made from a combination of iron and plastic materials and coated in black colors. The plastic materials used are weather-resistant and are also coated with powder-coating to ensure longevity. The chandelier uses LED bulbs, and there are six of them giving off warm, bright light from its candle-like bulb covers. No matter where it’s hanging from, you’re assured of getting a touch of elegance all around.

This Warmally chandelier comes with a remote control to turn it on and off. Unfortunately, there’s no dimming function available with this chandelier. Regarding installation, it’s easy to assemble out of the box and comes with the installation hardware and instructions. You also get a 25-inch adjustable hanging chain to hang the lights. Let’s not fail to mention that the chandelier’s bulbs are run off AA batteries that are easy to replace when they’re low.


  • It’s made of iron and thick plastic materials.
  • The LED bulbs run off 3xAA batteries that are easy to replace.
  • Easy to install and comes with all mounting hardware and instructions.
  • Includes a remote control with on and off functions.


  • No batteries included and it’s not dimmable.

4. Savoy House Inman 8-Light Outdoor Chandelier

savoy outdoor chandelier

The Savoy outdoor chandelier is beautiful in all ramifications, but it’s not for the faint-hearted, no thanks to its price tag. It’s made of metal and finished off in bronze to give it a stunning, awe-inspiring look when the lights on it are turned on. This chandelier is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles and is perfect for use in places like the porch or deck as long as there’s a shade over it. Its design allows it to easily accommodate eight E-type light bulbs, all of which should have a combined wattage of 60W.

There’s no remote control on this chandelier, but you can easily turn the light on and off or dim it as you wish. The chandelier is damp rated; therefore, it’s not suitable for open areas like the pergola. Instead, it should be placed under a shade. It doesn’t come with any shades, but you get installation hardware and instructions to make the installation easy. By the way, Savoy includes a 10-ft chain for hanging the chandelier.


  • Beautiful light with 8 E-type screw bulbs.
  • It’s easy to mount and comes with mounting hardware.
  • The chandelier is damp and UL-rated and is made of metal materials.


  • A bit pricier than its counterparts.

5. Addington Park 31800 Contemporary Outdoor Chandelier

Addington Outdoor gazebo chandelier

A contemporary chandelier as beautiful as the Addington Park chandelier isn’t always easy to come by. If you’re interested in adding a modern feel to your existing outdoor décor, you should add one of these. Not only are they affordable, but they’re also made from quality materials. This chandelier is home to three E26 light bulbs that draw their power from the wires coming from a power source. The bulbs have a maximum rating of about 60W, a tad more than the chandeliers, which have more bulb sockets on them. This clearly indicates that the Addington Park chandelier is the brightest of them all, literally.

Installation is easy-peasy, and expectedly, the chandelier comes with all the required installation hardware. The chandelier’s black finish glows in the dark when the lights are turned on, and the metal parts are properly coated to prevent rust. Lest we forget, this chandelier is wet-rated, so it’s okay to install it in spots where it’s exposed to different weather conditions. The chandelier doesn’t come with a hanging chain; however, the hanging part is somewhat adjustable. If you have high ceilings, you may want to try another chandelier.


  • Beautiful contemporary design with black finishing.
  • The chandelier is wet-rated and installs easily.
  • It has an adjustable hanger and includes all mounting hardware.


  • The light isn’t dimmable.

6. Kichler 49835AZ Lyndon Outdoor Chandelier

kichler exterior chandelier

Pictured above is the bronze coated Kichler chandelier, which shares design similarities with the Addington Park chandelier we reviewed before it. It’s, however, almost ten times more expensive than the former. This outdoor chandelier is perfect for anyone looking to give their foyer a touch of class and royalty because its transitional style ensures it blends nicely with your existing décor. It’s made from metal and finished off with a bronze coating.

The bulbs in this chandelier have a combined wattage of 600W, which is the highest we’ve seen on a chandelier in the course of this review. This will ensure the environment is lit properly, even if the chandelier is the only source of light. The bulbs are easy to replace, and mounting the chandelier is a breeze. Expectedly, it comes with all the required mounting brackets. Let’s not fail to mention that the chandelier is wet rated and can withstand some rounds of unfavorable weather conditions.


  • Beautiful design with exquisite bronze finishing.
  • It’s wired and uses 6 bulbs with a combined maximum wattage of 600W.
  • The chandelier is wet-rated and is easy to mount.


  • It’s very pricey compared to its counterparts.

7. GiveU 3 IN 1 Lighting Outdoor Chandelier

Giveu3 chandelier exterior

Here’s yet another affordable battery-powered chandelier for anyone looking for an affordable chandelier. Its simplistic design indicates it won’t withstand the harsh conditions of an outdoor space like the gazebo and pergola. Nevertheless, having it on your patio/porch is a better alternative. It’s made from metal and plastic materials and given a black paint to make it look great. If you love serene outdoor decors, you’ll love the candle-shaped light covers. We want to point out that the candle-lights can be detached from the candle-holder and used for planning a romantic evening.

The chandelier has about 4 light ports and is powered by 2C batteries, which are sold separately. Did we mention that the lights on this chandelier can be controlled via a remote, included in the packaging? Other items in the packaging include a hanging chain measuring about 21-inches. Installation is a piece of cake as the process is almost tool-free, with the end product being an antique-styled masterpiece.


  • Antique-styled design that is affordable.
  • It is easy to install and includes the necessary mounting hardware.
  • The lights run off 2C batteries and can be remote-controlled.


  • Plastic parts are prone to easy damages.

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Best Outdoor Chandeliers – FAQs

Here are answers to some of your questions regarding outdoor chandeliers.

Can I hang a chandelier outside? Yes, it’s okay to hang a chandelier outside your home. But before you choose the chandelier, you should consider factors such as the style, quality, control options, and materials the chandelier is made of.

How do I keep my outdoor chandelier from swinging? One of the best ways to keep your outdoor chandelier from swinging is to shorten the chain that holds the light. You can also hold the light in place by fastening it to a nearby post in the event of a strong wing if possible.

How far should my chandelier be from the ceiling? This depends on the height of the ceiling. If you have an 8ft high ceiling, the chandelier should be about 30-inches from it. Take note of the area’s windy conditions and shorten the length of the chain if you must.

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An exterior chandelier adds bright shades of light to an environment where there was hitherto little of that. If you get the wrong chandelier for your outdoor space, it’ll only be but a matter of months before you’re forced to get a replacement. Take the time and sift through the models available in the market to find the one that perfectly suits your needs. One more thing – don’t buy an indoor chandelier for use in an outdoor space.

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