Best Outdoor Buffet Table: Reviews, Buying Guide & FAQs

It can be hard timing everything perfectly when you want to host a crowd. That’s one reason why we cherish serving meals using buffet-style. It helps a lot when we’re entertaining guests outdoors and wouldn’t like to keep going in and out of the kitchen to get items. Buffet tables come in all sizes and shapes. In this post, we have narrowed down the options to only the best.

This guide explores the features and specs of the best outdoor buffet tables, along with some tips you can use for setting up an outdoor buffet.

1. Mr. IRONSTONE Outdoor Bar Table

If you’re shopping for a high buffet table, Mr. IRONSTONE’s Outdoor Bar Table should be number one on your list. It measures 39 inches tall, making it comfortable for sitting or standing at a bar.

The table is designed with a sturdy metal capable of holding up to 250 pounds. If your bar stools are the type without footrests, the crossbar at the bottom of this outdoor table will fill that gap. If you prefer not to have your outdoor bar set up throughout the year, the high bar table is stylish enough to be taken indoors during the off-season.

The Ultimate Guide for Setting up Outdoor Buffet Table

Let’s discuss how to set up your outdoor buffet table to look appealing and catchy to your guests.

Placement Is Key

Doing the placement thoughtfully will not only keep the food fresh but also your guests well-fed. Consider setting the table in a spacious place, but not too close to it that people will easily move around it.

It also would help if you had everyone start at a specific end, allowing them to serve themselves from the two sides. Put your platters where they can easily be refilled, positioning grilled foods near the grill and cold salads close to the door of your house. Also, lay your napkin-wrapped silverware at the end and then stack plates at the head of your buffet table.

Make Use of Open Space

Keep all table sides open for creating more space for your guests so that they can serve themselves conveniently at your outdoor buffet. That way, the buffet will be less crowded, allowing you to fill the whole table and keeping all items within easy reach.

Consider Setting up a Separate Drink Station

Serve drinks in a different area to avoid spills on your buffet table. It’s crucial to arrange wine, beer, and batched cocktails with lots of ice and garnishes.

Add height

You can make your buffet table look larger and catchier by adding height. Use a tall bouquet, along with a tiered cupcake display and a fruit-infused water pitcher to add height in various places on the table.

Put Cold Salads over Ice

Summer weather can be beautiful, but if the heat gets our salad lukewarm and limp, that can be annoying. It’s crucial to ensure the flavors stay fresh and greens crisp. You can achieve this by putting the salad bowl over ice. Alternatively, you can freeze edible flowers, citrus, or herb slices to make decorative ice bowls.

Consider Adding Color with Food

Don’t get yourself worked up about creating the perfect outdoor buffet display using napkins, serving ware, and decorations in just the right amount of hues. Allow your food to do the magic. You can use a platter of brightly colored veggies, like carrots, tomatoes, beets, radishes, and beans, all of which can double as a bright buffet decoration.

Use Condiments on the Two Sides of the Buffet

Ensure party guests don’t wait for the ketchup or mayo. You can achieve this aim by setting condiments in two places that can be accessed easily. Then, you can impress your guests by serving homemade condiments.

Utilize clear drink pitchers

Flaunt fancy party drinks in clear pitchers. Cool options are fruit-infused water or lemonade. Your guests will see their drink options immediately, and the herbs and fruit in the pitchers will put pops of color in the table spread. 

Set out Tongs to Allow Party Guests Snap up Food with One Hand

A buffet line gets slowed down when you have to put a plate and glass on the table to serve yourself with a spoon and fork. You can avoid this problem by using tongs for each dish.

Consider Labeling Each Dish

If you want to host an outdoor potluck, it’s crucial to label each dish on your outdoor buffet table spread immediately it arrives. Party guests, especially those that have dietary restrictions, would want to know what each dish is. If you know different sauces and garnishes will be available for each dish, ensure you label those, too.

Design a Themed Outdoor Buffet

Opt for a simple decorating theme for creating a cohesive outdoor buffet spread. You can use garden elements, like large pots and birdbaths, for serving ware as well as stashed silverware in a small ceramic pot attached to a wrought-iron frame decorated with wildflowers.

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Best Outdoor Buffet Table Reviews

These are some options that got the nod when it comes to high-quality buffet tables:  

1. Mr. IRONSTONE Outdoor Bar Table

Ironstone outdoor buffet table

Mr. IRONSTONE Outdoor Bar Table is built with waterproof materials. Also, it has a waterproof hammer finish, plastic board, spray paint, and screws & nuts. The table is anti-scratch easy to clean. Its stylish hammer finish is unique, making it blend nicely with your outdoor décor. The IRONSTONE Outdoor Bar Table is ideal for family use. It can be installed quickly as the required tools and instructions are part of the package.

The table has adjustable feet for stability on uneven surfaces and impressive build quality. It comes with a classic black textured top, adding a modern look and appeal to where you keep it. Regarding the weight, the table weighs 33.1 lbs and can hold 250 lbs. It’s not heavy to lift, and its metal frame looks good. The product is sturdy but feels comfortable leaning on it and making use of the footrest.


  • Sturdy and stable.
  • Stylish hammer finish.
  • Waterproof and anti-scratch.
  • Perfect for family use.


  • The screws aren’t all that sturdy.

2. Best Choice 48in 2-Shelf Eucalyptus Wood Table

Eucalyptus outdoor buffet table

Whether it’s for outdoor or indoor use, the Best Choice Eucalyptus Wood Console Table is an ideal option to go for. It has a subtle, natural finish protecting it inside or out and serving as a reliable indoor accent or outdoor display. The table is versatile as it can serve as a beautiful display for your tasty buffet, budding flowers, and a lovely family photo collection. It’s made from naturally weather-resistant eucalyptus wood that has a natural finish offering you years of enjoyment.

The Best Choice outdoor table sports rubber sliders to allow for easy movement. It can be easily assembled and comes with ample storage. Its slatted shelves provide an easy-cleaning space for storing your succulents, flowers, and potting accessories. This table’s dimension is 48″ by 16″ by 30″, while the weight capacity is 220 lbs.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy build quality.
  • Impressive design.


  • Pricier than it’s counterparts.

3. DTY Outdoor Living Longs Eucalyptus Table

dty outdoor table

Here’s the DTY outdoor table designed using 100% eucalyptus wood material and a naturally weather-resistant sideboard. It has high oil content that helps safeguard it from UV rays, moisture, rot, and decay. The table comes with a stylish design with a tabletop surface featuring an open middle shelf and extra storage behind cabinet doors. DTY offers the table in three modern finishes — natural oil, weathered gray, or espresso.

The natural oil and espresso options are a transparent oil finish built to allow the eucalyptus’ attractive grain to show through. The driftwood gray finish is a painted distressed finish designed to have a weathered eucalyptus appearance. It requires simple assembly with hardware included in the package. With the DTY Outdoor Sideboard, there’s no need to sacrifice style when hosting a party outdoors. The table has a simple yet sleek design with a deep rich color and beautiful look.


  • Durable build quality.
  • Made from FCS certified wood.
  • Three finishes to choose from.


  • Deteriorates upon constant exposure to weather.

4. Giantex Outdoor Patio Rattan Wicker Bar Table

Giantex outdoor buffet table

The Giantex Outdoor Counter Table is built with quality PE rattan material that’s lightweight and eco-friendly. The rattan material is water-resistant and UV-resistant – an indication it can withstand some unfavorable weather. The table comes with two shelves for storage. It’s a multipurpose table suitable for your outdoor living space, including the backyard, patio, garden, and poolside.

It’s ideal for indoor & outdoor use and has an overall dimension of 55.1 x 18.5 x 36.2 inches, and the table weighs 43 pounds. Expectedly, the table is easy to assemble right out of the box and is pretty stable, thanks to its sturdy legs.


  • High-quality rattan material.
  • Eco-friendly and lightweight.
  • UV-resistant and water-resistant finishing.


  • Prone to damage by bad weather.

5. Royal Gourmet Double-Shelf Movable Table

outdoor buffet table for patio

This table features a simple design for outdoor cooking, serving area, or kitchen. It’s a perfect blend of stainless steel and metal, creating a durable structure that will make your friends and family comfortable as they enjoy delectable snacks. It has a stainless-steel cart table, tank hook, flattop with side handle, accessory hook, and ample storage space. The stainless steel table flattop can be used for placing a portable grill or griddle. It can also help create a spacious workplace for outdoor cooking and has an easy-to-clean finish.

The left side tank hook works for bearing a 20-lbs gas cylinder, and the three-multifunctional tool hooks are built for additional space for placing your brushes or scoops. With the side handle design, you’ll find it convenient to move and hang essential tools. The double-shelf construction design offers you more than enough storage space. And the stainless-steel tabletop’s dimension is 659 square inches, enough to carry a peak weight of 100 lbs.


  • Wheels for easy movement.
  • Double-layer shelf design.
  • Tank mounting hook system.


  • Unclear assembly instructions.

6. Keter Unity XL Portable Outdoor Table

Featuring resin construction, the Keter Unity XL Portable Outdoor Table is also one of the best outdoor buffet tables on the market. It’s built using all weather-resistant resin that has an appealing wood-like texture. The product has a durable and robust build. Its weather-resistant polypropylene construction helps prevent things like rusting, denting, and peeling, unlike real wood. It’s a portable table with two wheels. This feature makes it easy to move around where you need it. It’s ideal for use as a mobile garden table and bar cart.

It’s also versatile as it can serve as a BBQ grill cart, serving cart, outdoor bar, and prep table. The Keter Unity XL Portable Outdoor Table has a storage capacity of 54 gallons (interior) and 24 gallons (open storage), making 78 gallons of storage capacity in total. Its 201-grade stainless steel upper surface is perfect for preparing and serving. It’s also easy to clean.


  • Durable and robust finishing.
  • Made from wood-like resin.
  • Storage shelf for your items.


  • Assembling it is challenging.

7. New Grade-A Teak Wood Bar Table

The New Grade-A Table is the next product on this list. Its design is distinctive, with a framed-top measuring 59″ by 17.25″ by 35.5″. The table is 100% crafted of premium cuts of sustainably harvested, kiln-dried teak heartwood that’s weather-resistant and elegant. It requires minimal assembly as the furniture is delivered in partially assembled sections.

That way, the assembly is not only quick but also straightforward. The piece has excellent value and is perfect on your patio and undoubtedly, will make your deck look attractive. It can also be used as a base, such as a buffet table, a small tabletop BBQ, and a bar table. Like the IRONSTONE outdoor bar table we reviewed earlier, this Grade A table is sturdy yet inexpensive.


  • Durable and stylish design.
  • Comes partly assembled.
  • Weather-resistant finishing.


  • Some will consider it small.

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Best Outdoor Buffet Tables — FAQs

Here, we talk about frequently asked questions about the top outdoor buffet tables.

How do I find the instructions for the assembly? You can get the assembly instructions in the product package. Usually, you don’t need any technical knowledge to set up a buffet table except, of course, for some of the new generation tables.

What tools do I require to assemble a buffet table? The requirements differ depending on how the manufacturer designed the table. Some tables come partly assembled, while others require tool-free assembly. But generally, all you need to assemble your table is a screwdriver and a box wrench. The process is fast and straightforward for most of the tables.

Is there any change in color over time if the table is left natural? Yes, the table will usually change to weathered grey after using it for some years and if it’s left natural. While some tables are weather-resistant and water-resistant, you’ll still need to provide them with extra protection in harsh weather. This way, you can preserve the color and texture for much longer.

Can the table be stained or painted? Yes, you could stain or paint it, though products made with eucalyptus look beautiful. Hence, they may not require painting. You can use recommended oil once a year to maintain the luster.

Can I make use of a Dutch oven on the tabletop? Most stainless tabletops won’t allow you to use a Dutch oven on them. But they’re great for holding a pizza oven.

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Wrapping Up

When looking to buy the best outdoor buffet table, you’ll come across a handful of options on the market. We hope that by using this guide, you’ll be able to select a quality product that provides you with great value.

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