Best Motorized Wheelbarrow: Reviews, Buying Guide & FAQs

The usefulness of a wheelbarrow is very glaring, and when you use a motorized unit, the benefits soar through the roof. High-quality motorized wheelbarrows can come in handy when it comes to renovation, gardening, or construction jobs. Here’s why — they enable you to transport heavy materials without straining your back muscles. In this review, you will discover the features, pros, and cons of the best motorized wheelbarrows money can buy.

1. Landworks Super-Duty 24V Battery Wheelbarrow – Best Motorized Wheelbarrow

The Landworks super-duty 24V battery-powered electric wheelbarrow wins the prize. Their wheelbarrow is one of the best examples of Electric-powered machines rapidly taking the place of manual models. The super-duty 24v battery-powered electric wheelbarrow is equipped with a large cargo bed, which gives it the upper hand when it comes to its load capacity. It comes with an all-electric 24V ¼ EHP brushless motor system that generates enormous power for a smooth and uninterrupted user experience. Due to its motor’s immense power, it can easily drive on a 12º upward slope without any aid from an external force.

Buying Guide Motorized Wheelbarrows

What do you look out for when shopping for a new motorized wheelbarrow? They all look mostly the same, which makes it hard to decide which best suits your need. Here’s a compiled list of the key factors to consider when purchasing a new motorized wheelbarrow:

Size & Price

One of the essential factors to bear in mind whenever you’re purchasing a motorized wheelbarrow is the size. The size here refers to the size of the hopper, otherwise called the load bin. It is the hollow space in the wheelbarrow where materials you’ll carry sit. The larger the hopper, the more the material that the wheelbarrow can contain at once. However, it’s imperative to note that, no matter the hopper’s size, there must always be a weight restriction on the wheelbarrow.

Another essential consideration is the price of the wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow doesn’t matter if it’s way out of your budget. While some people are merely looking for something cheap, others want something quality no matter the cost. Ensure you always look out for the best motorized wheelbarrow that gives you the best value for your money.

Motor Efficiency & Load Capacity

If your wheelbarrow’s motor isn’t efficient and powerful enough, you’ll end up pushing it always. The motor should generate sufficient power to provide enough support for your wheelbarrow when it’s loaded, so you don’t expend your energy pushing. All wheelbarrows have weight restrictions or maximum load limits. Hauling loads beyond the weight limit can damage the wheelbarrow immediately or in the long run. So, it pays to confirm the weight limit before making a purchase. We recommend going for models that can support over 600 lbs, especially if you have a record of hauling heavy items.

Gas or Battery/Electric Powered

Motorized wheelbarrows can either draw power from gas or battery units. Whichever you choose, that’s fine. A gas-powered model will serve you better than a battery-powered model, especially if you spend more time hauling materials with the wheelbarrow. But then, the engine can be pretty noisy. On the other hand, battery-powered models have less runtime than gas-powered models and may not haul materials up very steep slopes. Also, if you don’t have a backup battery, you won’t be able to move items for a more extended period.

Wheels or Track

Motorized wheelbarrows use either wheels or tracks. Both are good and suitable for different terrains and situations; however, they also have their disadvantages. Consider the number of wheels on your wheelbarrow. The more the wheels, the more weight it can withstand and support, and the easier it becomes to push. But, this also leads to an increase in price.

Tracked barrows, on the other hand, are more expensive compared to wheels. This is due to the build and materials used. Tracked barrows are suitable for people living in large estates and farms with rough terrain or sloping hills. It is better to stick to wheels if you have a smaller outdoor space. 

Hopper & Battery Life

Some motorized wheelbarrows come with removable hoppers. This is a handy feature that allows the hopper to convert into a flatbed. On the other hand, the flatbed can carry various items that you can’t ordinarily carry if the hopper was on. Always opt for wheelbarrows with heavy-duty plastic or all-steel construction instead of cheap plastic. This enhances durability and protection against wear and rust. Steel hoppers should be coated with rust-proof paint.

If you have chosen an all-electric motorized wheelbarrow, it’s imperative to note the battery life before making a purchase. Get an alternative or multiple batteries if your wheelbarrow’s battery life is less than two hours.

Best Motorized Wheelbarrows Reviewed

Listed below are some of the best motorized wheelbarrows we selected and why we chose them.

1. Landworks Super-Duty 24V Battery Wheelbarrow – Best Motorized Wheelbarrow

Best Motorized Wheelbarrow image

Here’s a product that gives you the best of everything you could ever desire in a motorized wheelbarrow. It’s the Landworks Super-Duty All-Electric Wheelbarrow equipped with a large cargo bed, which gives it the upper hand when it comes to the hopper size. The Landworks hauler is equipped with a variable speed transmission system which enables it to navigate at a maximum speed of 3.1 mph while moving forward. It can go as fast as 2.2 mph in reverse motion, which makes it pretty agile and swift.

Thanks to its extra-large cargo hopper, you can complete stressful and time-consuming maintenance jobs in a few minutes. Its all-steel body can aid you in hauling loads with a maximum load of 330lbs. The wheelbarrow has a decently-sized hopper with a corrosion-resistant finishing that protects against rust due to the weather. It comes with a very reliable and efficient power source, a twin-12V 7aH rechargeable lead-acid batteries to be exact. This enables it to last as long as 168-watt hours. At its price range, it gets the job done to a large extent.


  • Great load capacity
  • Eco-friendly motor
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Convenient power options


  • The reverse and drive buttons are prone to malfunctions.

2. Dirty Hand Tools All-Terrain Power Cart

Dirty Hand Tools motorized wheelbarrow

The Dirty Hand All-terrain Power Cart provides maximum user comfort, especially for those who frequently work on very rough terrains. The cart comes with a powerful 6.5 hp motor which offers 196 cc displacement. In other words, it provides an enormously punchy torque, which you feel from the very first throttle. The engine is equipped with a 4-speed transmission system comprising of three forward and a reverse speed configuration. Despite being a heavy-duty machine, it’s also very efficient with fuel – a great unique selling point.

It can haul a maximum load of 660 lbs. The cargo bed is 36 inches long and 24 inches wide. In other words, there is enough room to fit an early teenager. Its quick-release feature makes it easier to dump the hauled materials. Due to its robust all-steel construction, it has a sturdy frame to support your loads. The corrosion-resistant finish also protects against rust due to the weather and any other sort of damages.


  • Ultra-reliable build quality
  • Multi-speed transmission
  • Turning radius of 3.8 ft
  • 7-inch wide all-terrain tracks


  • Some poor ergonomic features.

3. SuperHandy Ultra Duty Electric Wheelbarrow

best motorized wheelbarrow3

The SuperHandy Ultra Duty Electric Powered Wheelbarrow is an all-electric with a 24V 1/4eHP 180W brushless motor system. It is equipped with a pair of 13 inches heavy-duty all-terrain PU tires and draws power from an efficient battery. It can haul loads at a maximum slope of 12° upwards. So if you have a slopy terrain, you can easily get through it with this wheelbarrow. The maximum weight capacity or limit is 330lbs, and it comes with a volume capacity of 4 cubic feet.

Given its sturdy build quality, you can use this wheelbarrow in your garden, yard, or even on construction sites. The SuperHandy hauler is equipped with a variable speed transmission system which enables it to navigate within the speed range of 0-3.1 mph while moving forward. On the other hand, It has a speed range of 0-2.2 mph in reverse motion, making it pretty agile and swift. Depending on the unit’s load, type of terrain, and slope, you should expect to have an operating time of about two hours on a single battery charge.


  • Multi-speed transmission
  • All-terrain PU tires.
  • 2-5 hours of operating time
  • Hauls at 12° Max. Upward Slope


  • It’s pricey.

4. SuperHandy Motorized Utility Cart

Superhandy motorized cart

This is the Super Handy Motorized Wagon which can efficiently serve as a motorized wheelbarrow. It dons a 48V Li-ion All-Electric Brushless motor system powered by 2Ah/4Ah Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries that propel it. It’s able to haul loads at a maximum slope of 15° upwards, and it sports a pair of 13 inches pneumatic wheels that grip the ground well and allow for improved maneuverability. It comes with a Multi-purpose Modular Cargo bed that can easily convert into – and used as – a flatbed by folding or removing the cargo panels. 

It has a working load capacity or limit of 500lbs/ Hauling Capacity of 1000lbs and a volume capacity of 4 cubic feet. Additionally, it comes with a variable speed transmission system which enables it to navigate within the speed range of 0-3.1 mph while moving forward. It has a speed range of 0-2.2 mph in reverse motion, so you’re free to move in either direction. The overall build quality is impeccable, and you’ll get many years of service from the cart.


  • Multi-speed transmission
  • Multipurpose cargo bed.
  • Pneumatic wheels for maneuvering.
  • Hauls at 15° max. on an upward slope.


  • Some helpful accessories aren’t included.

5. YARDMAX YD4103 Motorized Power Wheelbarrow

The image above is that of the Yardmax motorized wheelbarrow, which sports a 208cc Briggs & Stratton engine with excellent power. It has a maximum load limit or capacity of 660 lbs and dons on two pairs of premium-class AG 4-inch tires with a deep tread design for excellent traction. You’ll most likely love the large hopper as it can take big items as long as they’re under the wheelbarrow’s specified weight limit. Controls are easy, and you’ve got three different speed levels to choose from.

Weight-wise, the Yardmax is a little heavy at 350lbs; however, its weight helps in making it balanced to prevent tipping while on uneven terrain. Despite being a little heavy, it stands out because of its maneuverability. The recoil starter is a feature that will always come in handy. For controlling the wheelbarrow, you’ve got a one-handed release design. This design ensures the wheelbarrow can easily dump where you need it.


  • 3 forward speeds plus one reverse
  • Sturdy and durable with scratch-resistant coating
  • Sturdy wheels make maneuvers easy.
  • Deep tire treads for good grip.


  • Low performance on manicured lawns

6. YARDMAX YD8103 Track Barrow

For contractors, typical homeowners, and hardcore professionals, the YD8103 is a full-fledged hulk that can carry the most challenging loads with the utmost ease. It can haul a minimum load of 660 lbs. Yes, a minimum! The Yardmax Trackbarrow sports a 208cc Briggs & Stratton 900 series engine, making it an absolute powerhouse. Its design and outstanding efficiency, which follow industrial standards, make it over-qualified for personal or small-scale jobs. There are tracks in place of wheels on this wheelbarrow. The track offers all-terrain traction and stability across muddy, wet, and uneven ground.

With unmatched all-terrain stability and maneuverability, this power track barrow uses its zero-turn radius to pivot on a dime without tipping its balance. It has three forward and one reverse gear. Typical of every Yardmax heavy-duty equipment, this wheelbarrow ranks high when it comes to durability. Thanks to the all-steel body and corrosion-resistant finish, it is protected against wear, tear, and rust.


  • Easy unloading.
  • Sturdy body and corrosion-resistant finishing.
  • All-terrain track wheels.
  • Efficient engine with different speed levels.


  • A tad more expensive than the competition.

7. Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Motorized Wheelbarrow

The beautifully designed Snapper motorized wheelbarrow is the last wheelbarrow on our review list. When it comes to ease of use, maneuverability, durability, and efficient motor, the Snapper XD checks all the boxes. It’s powered by a Briggs & Stratton 82V Max Lithium-Ion 2Ah battery and has decent runtime. The wheelbarrow has a maximum load limit or capacity of 220 lbs, indicating that it’s not suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

The rust-resistant cargo bed supports a hopper that has a volume capacity of 3.7 cubic feet. This wheelbarrow features a pair of large 12” x 5” turf drive tires and a castor tire. These tires grip the ground nicely and aren’t flimsy. Concerning speed, the Snapper XD offers two forward and one reverse speed level. It turns out to be quite a reliable powerhouse under such an affordable price range.


  • Multi-speed transmission
  • Quick-release lever.
  • Reliable All-steel build
  • Speeds up to 2.6 mph


  • Somewhat bulky.

FAQs – Best Motorized Wheelbarrow

How do I choose the best motorized wheelbarrow that suits my needs? The wheelbarrows listed in this buying guide are the best choices in the market. However, each is unique. Some models are for contractors and landscapers, and others are for use in your yard at home. You can choose from the expensive models like the Yardmax track barrow, known for durability, or get affordable models, like the Snapper wheelbarrow for your yard.

Does speed matter when purchasing a motorized wheelbarrow? Definitely! Speed plays a significant role in executing jobs faster. Executing jobs such as offloading the barrow on time is of great concern to landscapers and contractors who run a tight schedule. However, if you’re purchasing the wheelbarrow for your yard, speed isn’t a big deal.

2-wheel, 3-wheel, or 4-wheel – which is the best choice for my needs? It depends on the type of job you intend to do with the barrow and how much load you’ll be fitting into the hopper. Most operate between a load range of 200-lbs to 275-lbs. Contractors and landscapers may prefer a 3-wheel or 4-wheel model for uniform load distribution and prevention of accidents. On the other hand, homeowners might prefer 2-wheel or 3-wheel models. It all boils down to choice and if it meets your load requirements.


Still undecided about which wheelbarrow to go for? You can go over the models once again with the above factors in mind. The motorized wheelbarrows or track barrows provided above are highly recommended and will go a long way in helping you haul items in different locations.

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